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If you are looking for a reliable Chihuahua breeder or breeding then you've come to the right place!

De mooiste Chihuahua pups te koop van een Belgiëse Chihuahua kennel vind je via deze weg.

All Chihuahua pups or puppies can be adopted at a correct price.

The Chihuahua dogs are displayed per litter on this comprehensive website.

Want to buy a Chihuahua dog in the Netherlands, bred by a private or professional Chihuahua breeder then I invite you to join the club of satisfied customers!

The best Chihuahua dogs for sale you'll find here.

The Chihuahua belongs to the group of the small remaining breeds, also called toy breeds.

De mooiste mini Chihuahua pups ook wel tea cup Chihuahua genoemd, vind je bij deze mini Chihuahua fokkers of kennels.

Voor de aankoop van mini __RACE__ puppies raadpleeg je best deze site; hier vind je de beste Belgische en Belgiëse mini __RACE__ kennels gegroepeerd onder het "International Quality Breeders Logo"

Mini of teacup Chihuahua pups te koop vind je hier aan de beste prijs/kwaliteit verhouding.




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Here our selection of Chihuahua pups for sale

Puppies is een erkend fokker waar je de mooiste pups te koop vind.

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We guarantee:

Ideal Price / Quality

The pleasure of a (too) low price is usually over quickly when problems start to pile up and the seller does not cooperate.
We guarantee you the best ratio in Price / Quality and service after purchase!

Our standard

Detailed vaccinations: Deworming, European passport, microchip, Registration, Correct Information, Written warranty.

Vet check

For sale each puppy is subjected to a thorough medical examination. This is a strong focus on multiple parameters. Only controlled pups are allowed to sell!

Written guarantee

The warranty terms "black on white"!
With us, words are no wind. What we promise we enjoy writing down on paper.
This gives you a sense of SECURITY!

Fast Home Delivery

Do you have too little time? Is the distance is too far? Do you find it hard to move? Use our Fast Home Delivery Service!


Door te kiezen voor een pup van onze kennel, kies je voor ZEKERHEID op gebied van: Afkomst, Gezondheid, Dierenwelzijn, Correcte Informatie, Uitgebreide Garantie.

The Nicest Chihuahua dogs for sale you'll find here!

Puppies is a recognized breeder where you'll find the Nicest Dogs For Sale.

Chihuahua Dogs Already adopted

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